Why Politics for Women?

It started with a question from a friend. “I’ve been asked to fill in this form to a member of a political party,” she said, “but I don’t know what that means. Can you explain it to me?”

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Over a cup of coffee, I walked my friend through the process of becoming a member of a political party, what it meant in terms of commitment and why it was important to the person who asked her to do it. That turned into a larger conversation about the role of political parties in Canada, the different levels of government, and more.

As we finished up our coffee and got ready to leave, my friend thanked me for helping her understand a bit more about how politics in Canada works. “I feel more prepared to get involved now. I was nervous before because I didn’t know anything about it, or how to get answers to my questions.”

That comment stuck with me. I wondered how many other women avoid getting involved in politics because they just didn’t know how. I talked to other friends, did some research, and hosted some workshops and discussions. It turned out that many women are interested in politics, but feel they need to know more before they get involved. And that was the starting point for this website.

Here you’ll find resources to fill that knowledge gap. Areas where you can ask ANY question about politics in Canada, without concern about being made to feel “stupid” about it. How can you learn if you can’t ask? Handy lists of websites, books and videos that will give you more indepth knowledge. Examples local or online events that you can participate in to learn even more. And even descriptions of the many ways you can get involved, from volunteering to running for office.

I want to introduce you to your own power to make a difference.

I’ll speak in other posts about why its important for women to get involved in politics, and why it’s not important to know everything before you get started. I’ll share my own insights as well as introduce you to other experts and dabblers. But mostly I want to introduce you to your own power to make a difference and impact the way Canadians are governed.

Welcome to Politics for Women.